In This Week's WTF News- Blurred Ears, Grass Crocs And More
In This Week’s WTF News- Blurred Ears, Grass Crocs And More

Here’s a dose of outlandish news for this week

We’ll walk you through the most bizarre things that happened this week:


Chinese Media Has Resorted To Blurring Ears

As reported by CNN, the Chinese-version of Twitter, Weibo blew up with #MaleTVStarsCantWearEarring? in China. And this has resulted in the Chinese streaming site, iQiyi to blurring out male actors’ ears.

It is unclear if the move to censor male actors wearing earrings was made by the Chinese regulators. Although last year, Chinese regulators had banned TV actors with tattoos. 

Time for Grass Crocs?

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Whether it is 2019 or 2009, Crocs have always been iconic.


In the recent collaboration between Crocs and Chinatown Market features a turf appliqué on both the toe box and the insole. This way, every step seems like a stroll in the park.  

If you can shell out $60, these funky shoes can be yours. You can buy them here.

@World_Record_Egg  Features In Hypebeast’s Digital Issue 

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Earlier this month, a portrait of an egg was the most liked picture on Instagram– beating Instagram baddie, Kylie Jenner. And, as of today, this post has garnered more than 50 million likes.


After being the talk of the town, now, the same egg (World_Record_Egg aka Eugene) has made it’s way to be featured on Hypebeast‘s digital cover. In this piece, Eugene discusses how the internet came together to make a world record, their new merchandise line and much more.

An Alligator For Emotional Support

As per HuffPost, a 65-year old man, Joie Henney from Pennsylvania has an alligator for emotional support.

The alligator is registered as his support animal, and the man claims that the alligator helps him with his depression. Despite being a ferocious creature, Henney enjoys to snuggle and hug his 5-foot-long alligator.

(Image Credits: A still from Sister’s Flower Shop, Chinatown Market’s Instagram, Egg Gang’s Instagram)

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