Weird New-Age Jobs That Prove Millennials Are Possible Of Anything
Weird New-Age Jobs That Prove Millennials Are Possible Of Anything

From eating food in front of a mic, to playing games for hours while people watch you

Labelled for being ‘lazy’, millennials have managed to figure out a loophole from the gruesome 9-5 work ethic. Slaving away in a small office cubicle sounds like their worst nightmare. 


Behold, they have managed to survive, and better yet, make a decent living from these weird, but highly profitable jobs. 

Twitch Streaming

If you are an avid gamer, now is the time to bank in on your talents. Gaming is no longer a hobby, it is a multi-million dollar business model. Twitch allows you to live stream video-games and has recently diversified with other creative content.

How can you make money from Twitch streams?

This social media site allows you to make partnerships programs to endorse products during the streams. Another way to make cash in on this app is by accepting fan donations. It allows you the liberty to choose the frequency and length of advertisements in your Broadcast Dashboard.

This an excellent resort for lounging on the couch while making the big bucks. Say goodbye to boring meetings!


Mukbang is the new fad on the internet.


Getting paid for eating? Seems like millennials are living their best lives.

If you have fallen into the internet rabbit hole, you may come across a series of these videos. Raking in millions of views, these videos have dominated YouTube lately. Crossing all geographical barriers, the world has been obsessed with these sit-down eating videos. 

These content creators make it big with paid sponsorships. 


Autonomous sensory meridian response, also popularly known as ASMR on YouTube, has taken the internet by the storm.


Along with the masses, celebs like Cardi B and Margot Robbie has explored this weird side of YouTube. ASMR can either be very satisfying or very creepy, there’s really no in between. 

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