Who will win: Birdman or The Grand Budapest Hotel?

Going by the nominations and other run-up awards, Birdman and The Grand Budapest Hotel are leading neck to neck. It doesn’t help with the guessing because they have nine Oscar nominations each. While both the movies are equally outstanding, we try to figure out which one of them will walk away with the cake.




Keaton’s best performance


Birdman is Keaton’s career’s highlight and that has dominated the year’s awards season. Keaton was brilliant in the role with a fine mix of comedy and drama and has already received a Golden Globe for the role. But, while he might have an edge over Ralph Fiennes, we are rooting for The Cumberbatch to take the acting trophy.


Best Movie


Conventionally thinking, everything points at Birdman, since it has nabbed the top honours at the Producers’ Guild of America, the Directors’ Guild of America and the Screen Actors’ Guild Best Ensemble Award (the equivalent for a Best Picture prize) – so it goes without saying that it will win the Oscar for Best Picture. Or will it?


Dynamic supporting cast


Narcissistic, slimy and borderline psychotic, the former Hulk, Edward Norton, definitely deserves the supporting trophy. Emma Stone, who plays Keaton’s just-out-of-rehab daughter, also kicked ass with her performance. This is Emma Stone like you’ve never seen before.


The making


Filmed in a series of shots designed to appear as a single take, Birdman feels so raw and intimate that it’s unnerving. Cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki might just win his second Oscar after Gravity for his incredible work with Birdman. But more importantly, the editing department should also be awarded alongside Lubezki for a job well done.


The Grand Budapest Hotel


The visuals


This movie is a treat for the eyes; gorgeously shot from beginning to end – Wes Anderson style. Vibrant colours and exceptional production design creates a different world altogether.


A heavy duty cast


The movie features most of the Hollywood elite: Ralph Fiennes, Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, Adrien Brody, Willem Dafoe, Jude Law, Owen Wilson and Edward Norton (again). And each actor has delivered dynamic performances.


The ‘indie’ director


Wes Anderson is one of the unsung heroes of film-making. His movies are usually infused with moments of melancholy and humanity. This might just be his most ‘mainstream’ film.


Offbeat story


What makes a good movie? The story, of course. Wes Anderson movies always feature originality. The Grand Budapest Hotel has all the required ingredients for a brilliant movie: murder, theft, suspense, action, comedy, witty dialogues and characters you will definitely fall in love with.


So, the verdict: Confused, we are so utterly confused.


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