The Most WTF News We've Come Across This Week
The Most WTF News We’ve Come Across This Week

Here goes nothing!

Like every week, we bring you the best in WTF news – news that is so bizarre and hilarious, it’ll hopefully make you forget all about that job you hate and that ex you wish you’d never dated.


Here goes nothing!


A section of the stairs from the Eiffel Tower which were removed in 1983 has fetched almost 170,000 euros at an auction, reports AFP. The wrought-iron steps were sold to a Middle East collector following an intense bidding war.


There’s something called the Guts Game which turns your body into the controller. Players have to swallow a biosensor and basically, the first person to successfully manage their body temperature and excrete this temporary parasite wins. “There are already many ingestible sensors that can measure the user’s body temperature, pH value, pressure, or serve as endoscopy [tools] on the market,” Zhuying Li, a Ph.D. candidate at RMIT University, told Digital Trends. “We can see these devices might become more and more common in the medical field. However, some people might feel uncomfortable to ingest a foreign object. We believe games [based] around sensors can motivate patients to use the sensor and enhance the overall experience of the treatment. Our game shows an opportunity to make pill-taking interesting.”


This takes “mind your own business” to another level. According to a report by AP, a woman in Florida pulled a knife on a man who complained about her farting in line at a dollar store. The woman, a certain Shanetta Yvette Wilson has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault.



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