Yogi Aditynath Awards State Recognition To Tunday Kebabi; Says It Symbolises Unity
Yogi Aditynath Awards State Recognition To Tunday Kebabi; Says It Symbolises Unity

The Uttar Pradesh CM has lauded the eatery as a symbol of Hindu-Muslim unity

Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath has announced the inclusion of the owner of Lucknow’s iconic eatery Tunday Kebabi, Abu Bakar in the list of awardees for the state’s highest level Yash Bharti recognition. The new state supremo made the announcement at an official event early on Saturday morning.


Prominent among other awardees on the list are actor Nawazuddin Siddique, author Rana Ayyub, activists Irom Sharmila and Medha Patkar and politician Azam Khan for his pro-meat ban comments. The winners will get a cash reward of Rs 5 lakh, a shawl, a coconut and a citation in return for the invaluable service to the country.


“The Tunday Kebabi is a symbol of Hindu-Mulsim unity in Lucknow, which is one of the largest cultural centres of the country. The eatery employs several members from other communities and is a major contributor in the economy of the city and in turn, the state,” said the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) leader while revealing the names for this year’s Yash Bharti award winners.


The Tunday Kebabi is world-famous for its legendary kebabs that require around 150 spices as ingredients. Incepted in 1897, the eatery has been the go-to place for discerning foodies for Galawti Kebabs, the recipe for which was tweaked to be made even more delicious as a result of the government’s meat ban across the state.


On the occasion, the CM also said that his government is actually considering working towards some of the promises, like free education, free laptops and LPG connection in every home, made in BJP’s election manifesto for the 2017 UP Assembly Polls. This comes in after the government has dealt with more serious issues in the state through anti-Romeo squads and the aforementioned meat ban.


 (This is a fake news report. Any similarity or relevance is purely fictional. But hey, here’s hoping for the best. Have an optimistic April Fool’s Day.)

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