Indian weddings are some of the most elaborate in the world, and we all love to be a part of it. It’s an occasion to enjoy free delicious food and socialize with people while someone else is paying the bills. It’s also an occasion to observe the different kinds of people in our society, and what they do in social settings.

Having attended a few weddings ourselves this season, we decided to look at five types of women we will find at almost every Indian wedding.

The fat aunty who criticizes everything

You’ll find her spinning stories about relatives and what they did, added with advice about what they should have done. This type of woman can’t keep her opinions to herself and is quick to launch a taunt every time there’s some goof-up in the arrangements or the ceremonies.  

The beautiful woman who keeps cosmetic companies afloat with her make-up

She is usually much better looking than the bride, and her dresses make her grab all the attention. She is also very adept at clicking selfies and probably has one clicked with every guest.

The firang who tries to speak broken Hindi

We Indians love white skinned foreigners, and usually end up flocking around them just to have the pleasure of exchanging conversations. The firang also tries to entertain everyone by speaking broken Hindi, and gets everyone laughing by saying something lame like Aap kaise ho? (How are you?)

The shy girl who doesn’t talk to anyone

You’ll see this girl who keeps staring at the floor and looks like she has been forced into attending the wedding. Most of the time, she is staring into her phone with a sad face.

The aunty who keeps trying to play matchmaker

While some people attend weddings to enjoy themselves and bless the newly married couple, some attend it to lay the foundation for other weddings. There’s always that one aunty who keeps discussing about someone’s son or someone’s daughter who is of marriageable age.