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5 Weirdest Yoga Asanas And Practises

From practising yoga with dogs to balancing beer bottles, here are some bizarre and creative yoga trends one can try

Yoga originated as a physical and spiritual practise in India. It is one of the best things that one can do for their mind and body. Since then, people have been rolling out their yoga mats. The unique thing about yoga is that it can be easily adapted to various themes and trends. This has lead to unusual and whacky trends. 

Below, we catalogue five of the weirdest yoga asanas and practises we’ve come across:

Snake yoga

Snakes and snake prints are making a comeback in fashion and fitness industry. This bizarre trend was started in Canada by the reptile lovers. The goal behind this trend was to overcome the fear of the reptile.  

Beer Yoga


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Namaste and cheers! Beer yoga is the one happy hour which everyone would look forward to. It involves balancing the beer bottle and performing yoga simultaneously.  

Chair Yoga


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The name says it all. Chair yoga is performed on chairs and the motive of the trend is to use it as a support for standing asanas. This trend puts an emphasis on the movement of your body.

Dog Yoga


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Dog Yoga or Doga is practised by the pet owner and the pet. The dogs enjoy the stretching and pet massages, even if they can’t actually do yoga. Doga is an amazing way to bond with your pet especially when you perform together in which you act as a partner with your pup. 


Silent Disco Yoga


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The last trend that we are going to talk about is Silent Disco Yoga.  Silent disco yoga sounds weird and fun at the same time. The key is to perform yoga while listening to music through headphones. It is a combination of a dance party and yoga at the same time.