Recently, an Instagram post that claimed to sell pure Manala hash was doing the rounds on the internet. We asked one of our friends to try the process, and had a long conversation after he was under the influence of what he had ordered. Interestingly, he had some great ideas about the kind of things he wishes he could buy from Instagram instead of the Manala hash.

Time Machine

Who doesn’t want to go back in time and correct all the mistakes they’ve made? We certainly do. From not falling hopelessly in love with some girl, to studying well before exams – we would change a lot of things. Also, we can make a killing betting on sports events like the World Cup and Champions League since we already know what’s going to happen.

Love Potion

The manufacturers of Axe deos are guilty for making us believe that trying their product would make us a chick magnet. Really, we wish there was something really potent like that. You could just see a celebrity like Katy Perry – point a finger at her and say, “Hey Katy!” and she’d be yours. Simple as that.

Power Pill

We all want the power to influence decisions and bring change. Honestly, if we had the power pill, we would put all the corrupt politicians out of business and work honestly for the betterment of people.

Telepathy hat

You just have to wear the hat, and you can read whatever is going on in someone else’s mind. No one can lie to you, no one can betray you and you’ll also find plenty of harmless hilarious secrets come your way.

Iron suit

Just like Iron Man, we’d like to buy an iron suit that makes us strong and invincible. We’ll put it on and destroy all the terrorists and criminals who are making this world a terrible place to live in.