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Five Indian City Meme Pages You Need to be Following

Laugh with your city at these hilarious social media accounts

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Chennai Memes (Facebook):

I honestly found it hard to understand a single post on this page. However, I have never been to Chennai nor do I know a lick of Tamil, so my opinion on the subject barely matters. Over a million people have found the page funny enough to follow it, so they must be on to something.

Bengaluru City Police (Twitter):


The official Twitter account of the Bengaluru City Police is surprisingly funny and topical. Posts include references to shows such as Game of Thrones and Narcos, as they use humor to spread awareness about issues such as drunk driving, road safety, online fraud, and drugs.

Unofficial Bombay High Court (Facebook):

The satirical page has its ear to the ground with the complaints of every Mumbaikar, as it posts fake court demands addressing the things that annoy the residents of the city. The posts are relatable, well-thought-out, and never stale, making it one of the more popular such pages in the city.

Obnoxious Townie Lemur and Friends (Facebook):

Anybody from Mumbai has that obnoxious friend who lives in South Mumbai, and makes sure that you damn well know it. Even as we love the old part of the city, the residents of South Mumbai looking down on the rest of the city gets old after a while. This page puts them in their place, poking fun of their attitudes, while still appreciating the charm of the area.

Humans of Jharsa (Facebook):

Surprisingly, Jharsa does exist. I had to look it up. It’s a village in Haryana with a population of a little more than thirty thousand. ‘Humans of Jharsa’ isn’t about these people in particular, and it’s quite unfortunate for them that their village was chosen for the name. Anyone in India can relate to the page; it pokes fun at small-town India’s frequent and unfortunate clumsiness with social media, gathering the best of these posts in one place. It’s one of those pages you wish you hadn’t heard of yet so you could laugh through all their posts for the first time again.

Image Credits: Chennai Memes