Comedy website and production company Funny or Die has released the ultimate, 80’s styled parody of GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump . Trump is currently one of the most infamous and reviled people in America – and the definition of a self-absorbed capitalist pig.

The movie is 50-minutes long and can be viewed on the Funny or Die website. It was released late Wednesday night with nary a soul outside the production house aware of its existence. Johnny Depp stars as the toupe wearing real estate mogul in all his eccentric glory. the movie is called Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal: The Movie based on his bestselling (?) book of the same name. It’s probably the most accurate summation of Trump’s personality and the definitely the best thing you’ll see on the internet today.

In fact it’s one of the funniest mock-biopics in the history of parodies, rendered moreso thanks to its low-key treatment and authentic 80’s vibe. After all no one exemplifies the 80’s – a period defined by vice and greed in corporate America, than Donald Trump.