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Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter

TV Stars Your Girlfriend Wants To Date

These guys really know how to play their cards right – ask your girl. She’d a trade a limb or two for a date with them. Jealous much?


It just takes one episode to get girls drooling for them. And guys, you could take a lesson or two too. If you want to still rule your lady’s heart, that is. Let me tell you, you have some tough competition. And don’t make the mistake of thinking that we binge watch and forget them. Yes, they’re just on-screen but, hey, a girl can dream. So, if you are planning to be her Prince Charming, take notes.

Harvey Specter (Suits)

There is nothing sexier than a man in a suit. Sometimes the mystery of being fully clothed is a major turn on. So, all you boys who think flaunting your biceps is doing it for us, you are playing it all wrong. Possibly the best dressed guy on TV, Spector’s arrogant swagger and sky-high self confidence is how we like our men to be. Not to mention, that wicked smile and the way he sips on a glass of single malt, conquering lawyer world – phew. Now, that’s the kind of narcissism we approve.

Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock)

He is not your average joe. A “high-functioning sociopath” in his own words, this man is all brain. Although his social skills are perpetually absent, he more than makes up for it with his sharp cheekbones (Irene Adler famously said that she could “cut her hand slapping it”) and his signature black trench coat which makes him the sexiest private eye of every generation. Also, the British accent never stops being sexy. He’s a fine example of why a messy curly mop can work like viagra.

Lucius Lyon (Empire)

Nothing beats a guy who can sing for his lady. Being serenaded (Remember him singing “You’re so beautiful”?) is as mushy as it gets and hey, we girls might act all touch and independent, but who does not like some mush? Also, isn’t there something fantastic about a successful tall-dark-handsome business magnate with a penchant for fine booze and women?

Dean Winchester (Supernatural)

Fighting off demons and Satan himself, makes this dude quite the catch. The older Winchester knows his way around the ladies and has a rugged old-school manliness which makes him wildly sexy. Imagine an younger Pierce Brosnan or Hugh Jackman. We love his relationship with his brother Sam and from the number of love making scenes Dean has in the show, we can confidently say that he leaves his women more than satisfied. But then again, he made our hearts tremble with that sly smirk of his anyway.