It’s hard not to be jealous of Dan Bilzerian and his lifestyle. He has so many beautiful women to give him company, and it doesn’t look like he’s running out of his fortune anytime soon. So when we heard that Dan The Man is going against his playboy image by having a steady girlfriend, we jumped out of our seats. The lucky woman is Sofia Bevarly, who has a pretty active following on Instagram. For good reason, since she’s smoking hot.


Looking like Lieutenant Dan

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Dan’s also posted a picture of them chilling together in Virgin Islands. We are not sure how long this relationship will last, but we are sure that Sofia will live life to the fullest while she is with Mr Bilzerian.


Virgin Islands

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But, enough of Dan and his grand life. Let us give you what you’re here for. That is, sizzling hot photos of Sofia Bevarly.



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Probably that smile is the reason why Dan chose to call her his girlfriend, instead of letting her be just one of the many hot women he hangs out with.


Thankful that this girl is always down for adventure 😆

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We’d love to be a part of this party. But, wishful thinking never got us anywhere.


Don’t listen to what people have to say about you….. Unless they are compliments, always appreciate those 💚

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You don’t need to take off your clothes to look sexy, and this picture is proof.


Don’t worry, I didn’t sit on this one…. ❤️🐢

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What’s more? She’s got a sense of humour too.