Emma Watson Poses ‘Topless’: Should There Be A Feminism Debate?

The Harry Potter actress’ bare breasted shoot for Vanity Fair magazine has invited criticism, given Emma’s feminist image

One of our favourite women on the planet, Emma Watson gave us butterflies once again when she posed topless for a risqué Vanity Fair March cover. And in a world where Donald Trump has become the POTUS, the controversy over the Harry Potter star’s latest antic comes with little surprise.



The Perks of Being a Wallflower actress is seen in nothing but a cut-out crochet open top by Burberry and white lace skirt for British fashion photographer Tim Walker. This has invited criticism from a section of the Twitteratti that considers this shoot ‘hypocritical’ given Emma’s staunch feminist image.



Leading the line among detractors is talkRadio presenter and Telegraph columnist Julia Hartley-Brewer, who questioned how posing topless for a “posh magazine” like Vanity Fair was “empowering” yet doing it page three constituted “exploitation”.

Other critics also took swipes at the on-screen Hermoine Gringer for baring her breasts. “Feminist: Page three girls? Topless? Ban them! Emma Watson topless? Brave and Stunning! #doublethink #hypocrisy,”


But many others, who begged to differ with these views, have rushed to Watson’s defence, arguing that feminism and nudity were in no way “mutually exclusive”.

The Vanity Fair cover shoot comes as a part of Disney’s live action edition of Watson’s latest release Beauty And Beast. The actress says the role has seen her come of age that has been the underlying ‘maturing from Hermione to Belle’ theme of the magazine’s story.


After graduating from Brown University in 2014, Emma Watson went on to become a Global Ambassador for the United Nations in July that year. She helped to launch the UN Women campaign HeForShe which calls on men to advocate gender equality and has taken strong feminist stands on various occasions.

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