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Preeti Dhata on her love for poetry, the difference between men in Delhi and Mumbai and more

How did you get into modelling?
Compared to normal jobs, modelling gives you a lot of time. And you are not required to get up at 8 in the morning usually. The idea of waking up early and going to office everyday and working on someone else’s ideas — that’s something that never made sense to me, so I always knew that I won’t be doing a corporate job. Luckily, my modelling career started at the right time, when I was in the final year of college.

Any cribs about the industry?
See, when I got into modelling, I thought I would not to try to fit into… What I don’t think is right is… shit, I can’t say that!No, you can, and if there’s any controversy, you can always claim you were misquoted.
(Laughs)… Sometimes, it gets very hectic…when you are shooting for 14 or 15 hours. Or during fashion shows… imagine a situation where you are stuck in one room with 20 girls, where everyone has to get their make-up done. That is when you really have to control yourself and be patient.

I checked out your blog. The last entry was in 2008…
No, I still do write. But these days I am so heavily into reading non-fiction and watching documentaries that I don’t get much time. Of late, I have been reading Stephen Hawking, Richard Dawkins… experts who basically write about the origin and evolution of universe and life. I do occasionally write poetry and post them on my Facebook wall so that my friends can read.
The one I wrote last:Very consumed by these thoughts Mind is over worked Slaved by constant questions, what happened to the peace? Found, then lost Come back, a voice echoes in the valley…We might be without god But we are not without miracles.

Right, tell us something about your taste in men.
I really like spontaneous men… but they also need to be intelligent so that we can have a conversation. I like men who know what they are talking about… I need the man to have a decent body. I can’t date fat men or skinny men.
You shuttle between Delhi and Mumbai — what’s the difference between a Delhi man and a Mumbai man?
In Delhi I have seen men get very excited when they see a girl wearing shorts, and they make sure that the girl knows that they are checking her out. But in Mumbai guys are more chilled out…

What’s your take on Bollywood?
In Bollywood, they dilute the ideas a lot to suit the audience…Take, for instance, Rockstar. If you are making a movie on a rockstar, then it should be about music, but Rockstar was a love story… They were talking about how it’s inspired by Jim Morrison whose music I love, but the rockstar they showed was nothing like Morrison… I left the theatre during the interval as I did not want to waste my time further.