■  Most women believe that men who are not funny, who do not have a sense of humour, are rather sad.

■  Not smelling nice is not an option. It is a necessity. How a man smells is the first thing a woman notices.

■  A date does not always have to be an expensive one. You could just be watching a great movie, having a burger or going for a drive. A romantic date for me is sitting in my pajamas and being with a guy with whom I can be myself.

■  Appearance counts. Not so much how good looking you are but how you dress. So, make an effort to dress well.

■  Our friends’ opinions of you matter. As The Spice Girls once sang, “If you wanna be my lover / you gotta get with my friends.”

■  Telling us to ‘relax’ when we are all worked up does not work at all. You should know that by now.

■  Attention is always flattering, even if we don’t want to go out with you. But, loving attention does not mean that you don’t take us seriously when we say ‘no’. A ‘no’ to a date does not mean ‘yes’.

■  We are extremely self-conscious. So put up with us when we want to be reassured that we are looking like our regular selves and not like some fat alter ego.

■  We can tell when you are looking at another woman. Pretending is of no use. Nor is hiding behind a pair of sunglasses.

■  When you get lost, just ask for directions. You don’t have to pretend you know everything. No one does.