10 Reasons Why Ranveer Singh Rules On Instagram
10 Reasons Why Ranveer Singh Rules On Instagram

He is possibly one of the most entertaining men on Instagram (and Facebook). Are you following him?

Well, the whole country loves him anyway. But Ranveer Singh is more than just his movies. He is the perfect boy next door – the galli ka launda with a wicked smile and a heart of gold. If he has any airs about him, his goofball attitude makes up for it. Here’s why we love Ranveer Singh on social media.


1. He finds the most nonsensical ways of promoting his upcoming films.



2. Who cares about airbrushing? He is messy, sweaty and loving it.



3. His famous selfies are, well, with famous people.



4. The man is all about ugly Throwback Thursdays.



5. He is the man to go to for the best behind-the-scenes ever.



6. This is him (and a few other people you might know) celebrating Mumbai Indians’ win at the Edens. Yes, he is as crazy about cricket as you are.



7. Some days are set aside for selfie time with mom.



8. Remember those photographs you click when see a funny signboard. Well, the Singh does it too.



9. Yeah, he lives the good life, but he makes sure to look damn dope living it.



10. And here’s him being the best whacko this country has seen in a long time.





Jab MUMMY ki daant padhti hai toh acche-acchon ki bolti bandh ho jaati hai! #owned


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