5 ‘Happiest’ Countries You Could Plan To Live In

In case you were wondering how to quantify happiness, the 2017 World Happiness Report has ranked countries based on income, life expectancy figures, and citizens’ opinions on social support, personal freedom, corruption and generosity. And while India is placed at a lowly 122 in the latest happiness index, here are five alternatives that you could choose in case you’re looking for a change.





The Norwegian Prime Minister has been working hard to reach the apex of these United Nations rankings and it finally paid off this time around. And with its family-friendly policies, fantastic online banking services and cultural diversity, why not!





Previous year’s chart-topper Denmark might have lost out to its Scandinavian neighbour, but it doesn’t take anything away from its amicable living conditions. For starters, they invent most of the pastries that we eat and all university education is 100 percent free.





One after the other, Nordic countries keep showing the world how it’s done when it comes to keeping their people happy. So beyond the obvious Northern Lights proposition, Iceland also offers ‘paternal leaves’ and even has one of the highest global female representations in its parliament.





Okay, so the chocolate of course, but Switzerland also has one of the healthiest populations in the world. Even the Swiss median salary is around 75 percent higher than median pay in both the UK and US and it has been involved in not a single war since 1847.





The far north of Europe easily outpaces the US on personal freedom, social support and lower corruption and it’s to little surprise that another country from the region completes this list. Finland has more forest and water than anywhere else in Europe and even Santa Claus lives here!


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