5 Simple Steps You Can Take To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
5 Simple Steps You Can Take To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

A few small and easily do-able changes could contribute in big ways towards helping our planet

Being too caught up in the fast life comes with being part of an urban environment, but so is being blinded to the harmful ways we contribute to increasing carbon emissions every day.


Take the time out and incorporate the following steps in your daily life to reduce your carbon footprint:


Grow A Garden


Today, finding space in your apartment for your own furniture is a tough task. Never mind a whole garden. But having a garden doesn’t always mean having an open lawn where you’re confused about which tree you want to plant where. If you’re someone who lives in an apartment and has a small balcony, you can transform it into your own garden by adding hanging plants or by building a platform to place potted ones. If your apartment lacks a balcony, you can get small indoor potted plants, that help to provide your house with that beautiful nature aesthetic.



Plants absorb Carbon Dioxide and give out pure clean oxygen that is almost rare to find in a busy urban environment. Methods, like reducing the usage of concrete and providing bigger rings around trees to allow it some breathing space, should be considered on the municipal level while planning a city.




Replace Your Old Bulbs With LED’s 


LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) are the modern-day replacements for halogen lights or filament bulbs. Not only are they long-lasting, but they are much more energy efficient and are cheaper than the regular lights.



Replacing the lights in your house by LED’s will reduce the amount on your next electricity bill, but will also help reduce carbon emissions.




Find Effective Ways Of Commuting


Cars are one of the biggest culprits in producing high amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Using public transport or carpooling are two very simple options that anyone can incorporate in their daily lifestyle. If travelling solo in your own car is a must, then think about investing in an electric car. 



Making use of public transport and carpooling will reduce the amount of CO2 each person’s personal vehicle would have emitted if they in their own cars.




Eat Less Meat


One of the biggest steps you could take to fight climate change is to reduce your meat intake, especially red meat. Beef and Lamb produce a toxic global warming gas called methane.



If going vegetarian isn’t an option then at least reduce the amount of meat you eat. This would lower the demand and hence, meat producers would stop manufacturing it on such a large scale. Hence, lowering the overall greenhouse gases emitted.




Invest In Solar Devices


Solar power is an untapped source of mega-energy that if used cleverly, can help power even a small city. Our selfish thirst for fossil fuels now could endanger the future generations. Investing in simple solutions like lining the roof of your house or building with solar panels, can help decrease our dependence on non-renewable energy.



Incorporating even some of these techniques could have a huge impact on saving our planet.

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