5 Times The Authorities Turned Moral Police

Mumbai High Court chief justice, Manjula Chellur recently asked legal journalists if jeans and T-shirts were appropriate clothes to wear to court. And of course it should be one of her prime concerns; after all moral policing is the solution to all problems according to the authorities these days.


Anti-Romeo squads beat up innocents


As a part of the measures ‘to prevent eve teasing and sexual harassment’ cases in Uttar Pradesh, new chief minster has set up ‘anti-Romeo’ squads across the state. As unbelievable as that might sound, these groups have on record been harassing innocent men and even cousins on certain occasions.


No skirts in church


Giving the fatwa-issuing maulvis a run for their money, a Kerala Bishop recently wrote in a pastoral letter that girls shouldn’t wear short skirts inside the church or on the dais to read out the Holy Bible. He further asked parents to restrict the use of social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp. Beat that!


Dragging couples out of hotels


Mumbai Police raided hotels and dragged couples out of their private space in public, accusing them of ‘public indecency’ in 2015. The then Joint Commissioner of Mumbai Police had to even apologise for his ‘overzealous’ men the very next week after the incident.


The Valentine’s Day problem


V-Day has been more of a problem in the country over the recent past. Many a right-wing group have threatened to hit young couples with sticks and some have even raided shops and burnt Valentine cards on the occasion. There was an incident where a fringe group even reportedly got siblings married by accident.


Women shouldn’t drink ‘in public places’


There is no explanation whatsoever to this incident from 2009 as members of the Sri Ram Sena barged into a Mangalore pub and relentlessly manhandled a group of young women and men. Why? Because ‘women should not be drinking in a public place.’


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