63% Women Share Cosmetics With Their Boyfriends And Husbands. Can You Believe That?
63% Women Share Cosmetics With Their Boyfriends And Husbands. Can You Believe That?

Conducted by Philips India, check out this new survey which spills the beans on Indian men and metrosexuality. The results are shocking.


Philips India’s annual Stylescape Survey has thrown up interesting views on grooming trends in India. Men are increasingly opening up to various aspects of grooming – skincare, facial styling and body – the survey states. But how metrosexual is India? The numbers are shocking.




79% men are open to trying out skincare regimens


74% women said that they take note of the skin quality when they notice men. And the men agree, with 29% stating that they consider skin care an important aspect of their grooming routine. What’s more, 79% men admitted to being open about trying skincare regimens at home.




61% men visit the salon every month


Men are increasingly spending more on their grooming, with 39% visiting the salon more than once a month! What’s more is that 20% men spend over INR 1000 on services other than haircuts.




55% men believe in body grooming


Factors like increased intimacy, confidence to go shirtless and ability to come across as well styled still remain the most important reasons for body grooming. Not to mention that 73% women admitted to having an aversion to men’s body hair.




63% women share skin care products and cosmetics with their men


Most women admitted to sharing their grooming products with a male family member/ friend. When asked, 41% women said they had shared skincare products like facial scrubs, cleanser brushes and 26% women shared grooming products, even depilation creams.




Seems like Indian men are really getting their act together, people.

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