7 Things You Can Do If The Internet Shut Down For A Day

From catching a play, to baking a cake

Recently, Russia announced that it will be completely disconnecting from the internet for one whole day as part of a security exercise. This got us thinking, if that ever happened to us, what the hell would we do? Our lives have been so dependent on the world wide web, that if your WiFi router stops working for even a minute, all hell breaks loose. Well, not really, because we’ve just forgotten what life was like without the internet and all we need to do is go back to that time. Here are 7 things you could do if the internet shuts down for a whole day:









Cooking is considered to be a therapeutic exercise. If you have the day to yourself, maybe you could bake a cake or make your mom’s favourite dish for her. Since you can’t look up the recipes on the net, do it the right way and ask someone in your family for help, it’ll be a great way to bond too.




Visit A Cultural Center





Catching a play, going to the local museum, or even visiting the zoo could be a nice way to spend the day if you’re disconnected from the world wide web. 









Leading an urban lifestyle means sending and replying to mails, being on calls, etc and one thing you don’t get enough of, is rest. You could be sleep-deprived and a day off to catch up on that would help tremendously. 




Kick A Ball Around





Go out and play a game of football or cricket or basketball and get your game on. Kicking a ball around is a great way to get your mind off a busy and hectic week of emails and deadlines. Even something like cycling could do the trick.




Catch Up On Old Hobbies





We always tend to forget about our hobbies, painting, writing, composing music, etc. Taking a whole day reconnecting with something you used to love would be a cathartic experience.




Listen To Your Music CD’s 





In the age of music streaming services, the feeling of going through your music albums, picking one out, putting it in a player and jamming to it is almost non-existent. Its rare to own physical copies of music nowadays so what you will be having is old music and that’s the best kind. Put a CD you’ve never heard before and maybe you’d fall in love with it. 




Get To Know Your City





Take a walk. Go to a part of your city that you’ve never been to and you could discover some great places to eat and some beautiful localities you probably never knew existed. 



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