A Big Wave
A Big Wave

Jay Z launches music streaming service, Tidal, with the help of industry biggies

After Taylor Swift famously dissed Spotify, a free music streaming service, Jay Z has pulled out some big guns by launching his new music streaming service with the help of friends like Kanye West, Daft Punk, Madonna and Beyonce (obviously).


Jay Z’s company, Project Panther, bought Swedish-based company, Tidal, for $56m. A new competitor for Spotify, the new streaming service combines music streaming with editorial features and a vast music catalogue of all the biggest artists. The streaming service, which aims to provide CD-quality streaming, offers subscribers access to 25 million tracks, 75,000 music videos and other content including artist interviews for £19.199 a month.

As of now, Tidal is available only in North America and Europe, but let’s hope we get some love from Jay Z too.

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