Things seem to be looking up for Luna, the dog who was abandoned in a local park, in a state that can be only described as horrific.

Picked up by Animal Control and handed over to Angels of Assissi, an animal shelter in Roanoke, Virginia, the shelter put out a post on Facebook stating that she was in a horrific condition, extremely malnourished and diagnosed with Lyme disease. She was said to be critical and was put on IV fluids and antibiotics.

While her recovery seemed bleak initially, Luna decided to fight with all her might and regained her strength slowly. Angels of Assissi shared that the pooch was ” getting stronger by the day.”


“She is still on antibiotics to treat her Lyme disease and on a strict feeding regime to help her gain weight. Right now, the goal is to get her stronger and help her gain some weight. Once Luna is at a healthier weight, she will be able to go under anesthesia to have a mass removed from her side and be spayed. We are also VERY excited to announce that she will be going to her foster home later this week to continue to heal out of the hospital environment,” the shelter added.

There were more good things in store for Luna. In no time she gained a lot of fans who adored her, including those who handled the Southwest Virginia Ballet’s performances of The Nutcracker at the Berglund Center. In a heartwarming gesture, the company gave Luna a role in several of their shows.

Dressed in a festive vest, Luna’s appearances on stage were encouraged by all and she earned high praise from her fellow performers as well. After three days of special appearances in The Nutcracker, the pooch was taken home by her foster family, where she will continue her treatment.

“We are so happy this sweet girl has such a loving home to continue to heal. She will continue to come back for medical care, so stay tuned for more updates,” Angels of Assisi shared with their supporters.

Images: Angels of Assisi, WSLS