Alibaba has launched a 3D avatar game as a way to attract China’s mobile game-loving youth during coronavirus lock-down.

The Taobao mobile app features the game, which is called Taobao Life 淘宝人生. The users can customise their 3D characters and complete daily challenges to earn points, which are, in turn, can be used to buy virtual clothes and accessories based on real branded items. But the game also has a social component that allows users to take pictures with each other’s avatars and post them to a feed (where they can be liked and commented on).

Mobile gaming and social media platforms have been surging in popularity lately, due to the government confining people to their homes because of the coronavirus outbreak. Alibaba seized this opportunity to promote the game, and it even ran a Valentine’s day campaign that featured several leading luxury and premium clothing brands.

According to Jing Daily, China is home to over 290 million Gen-Z consumers and their spending power is growing fast. With less personal financial burden than older generations and a strong will for shopping, they are more willing to buy items out of their price range via Hua Bei 花呗: Alipay’s virtual credit card.

This recent Taobao Life Valentine’s Day campaign was an excellent way to not only engage this consumer group but to promote in a way that’s highly relevant and respectful of the country’s current situation.