Amazon is set to launch its own luxury fashion platform in September.

The luxury labels from Europe and US will operate on Amazon with a model that is similar to the Farfetch marketplace. The brands that are partnering with the e-commerce platform will also have access to a centralised warehousing in the US, operated by Amazon, and will be able to benefit from their delivery services. Initially, the platform will be launched in the US.

It will allow the participating labels to have complete control over their concessions, including how it looks, which pieces are marked down and how much they would like to sell.

As reported, sources said that a sprawling warehouse is being built in Arizona to accommodate the platform, whereas a $100 million marketing campaign is also in the works.

The luxury fashion platform had been reported to be launching in the Spring of this year, although its opening was pushed back by COVID-19 and resulting lockdown measures around the world.