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Anupam Mittal Offers To Help Single Nagaland Minister With

“Waiting for Salman Bhai,” says minister Imna Along

Nagaland’s Higher and Technical education minister Temjen Imna Along continued his spree of entertaining Twitter followers, after a joke regarding his singledom attracted the attention of founder, Anupam Mittal.

Mr. Imna shared a screenshot of a Google search that read ‘Temjen Imna Along wife.’ Along with the screengrab, the minister wrote, “Ayalee, Google search excites me. I am still looking for her.”

Soon, Mittal – who across the last year has enjoyed massive popularity following his appearance on Shark Tank India – offered to help the minister get married and tagged his own company’s account.

Mittal’s company is one of India’s oldest online matrimony services, having been launched in 1997 and consequently becoming a phenomenon for South Asians across the world. With thousands of marriages facilitated by the matchmaking website, Mittal’s company certainly has the chops to help Imna out, who put out a jibe of his own, targeting ‘Salman Bhai.’

Mittal also replied in turn, admitting that Salman – Bollywood’s most famous and long-standing bachelor – would take a long time to get married. The Twitter account also jumped in, welcoming Imna with a pun based on his last name.

Imna’s line of humour followed a message he shared on Monday, July 11, which happens to be World Population Day. He cheekily suggested that apart from using family planning methods, citizens could simply “come join the singles movement.” Amusingly, Imna’s own top boss PM Narendra Modi is also not in a relationship.

In order to clarify, Union Minister of Law and Justice Kiren Rijiju put out a statement:

“The Education Minister of Nagaland, Along Imna, is actually not against marriage but he only intends to increase the numbers of his group,” said Rijiju.

“I wouldn’t mind if people join my group willingly,” smirked Imna in reply.

(Featured Image Credits: @AlongImna/Twitter)