Arjun Rampal Reveals His Grooming Secrets
Arjun Rampal Reveals His Grooming Secrets

The actor who is also the brand ambassador for NIVEA, spoke to MW about his daily grooming routine

How important does grooming play a role in your everyday life?


I understand the importance of grooming and think it is an essential part of everyone’s life. Not only because I am an actor do I believe in grooming but as an Individual I feel everyone should be well groomed. I feel everyone should take utmost care of their skin and feel good about themselves.


How can men take care of themselves (their skin and fitness) better?


For a great-looking skin drink lots and lots of water, cleanse your face daily with a good face wash and invest in a light moisturizer. As for fitness, my advice would be to eat well and exercise. A lot of cardio helps.


What is your daily skin care grooming ritual?


As an actor there is constant damage to the skin done because of makeup, less sleep and stressful schedules. Healthy food, enough sleep and keeping the body oxygenated by drinking lots of water keeps my skin glowing and healthy. NIVEA  skin care range for men is excellent.


What are the three grooming must-haves for every man?


A face wash which keeps your skin clean . You don’t want to be the smelly one around so a deodorant, and a moisturizer to protect your skin.


You have your own line of perfumes. How important it is for a man to smell good?


I personally am very fond of perfumes. I think they give every individual a sense of confidence and an identity.


What is your fitness regime like?


I like Tabata, it’s a high-intensity training regimen.


And for those who do not have the time to go to the gym or are too lazy to do so, what are the alternatives for them?


Watch what you eat as it fuels your body. Exercise for an hour. But don’t be obsessed with it. The signs of ageing and weakness are when we do not take care of ourselves, eating the right food and following a good diet which is essential to stay fit because when we are fit we are happy as well.


Being a former model and now an actor how has your personal style evolved?


My style statement has evolved a lot since the time I started out. The flamboyant look has given way to a more sleek and sophisticated dress sense today. However, the nonchalance and casual-cool quotient has always stayed with me.


What are the wardrobe must-haves for every man?


A pair of blue denims and white shirt is the most basic must haves of a wardrobe. Also depending on your personal style, have some nice collection of easy going tees.


If you had to give one fashion advice to Indian men, what would it be?


It’s more like how comfortable you are in your skin and you should have the right attitude to carry it off. Just be proud of yourself in whatever you do. ‘Don’t let your clothes wear you; you wear your clothes’.




By Saloni Dhruv

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