4 Prophecies Of Late Mystic Baba Vanga For 2022
Late Mystic Baba Vanga Gets Two Prophecies Right in 2022 – What Are The Remaining Four?  

Alien invasions in 2022? Baba Vanga predicted so

Previously credited with predicting the 9/11 attacks, Brexit, Obama’s presidency, and many other spooky coincidences, Bulgarian mystic Baba Vanga’s mysterious foretellings continue to ring true, even 26 years after her death in 1996. 


Nicknamed the ‘Nostradamus of the Balkans’, the blind mystic’s predictions are even better than Nostradamus – who actually got most of his wrong. Said to be 85% accurate, Vanga had correctly predicted several historical events, such as the Princess Diana tragedy, Chernobyl disaster, fall of the Soviet Union, 2004 Tsunami, and many more – with a disturbing focus on dangerous or tragic future events.  

Her influence was so great that major Russian figures, such as ex-President Boris Yeltsin, would send envoys to meet and consult with the woman. 

The seer, whose real name was Vangelia Gushterov, claimed that she was given ‘a very rare gift from God’ to see into the future after she mysteriously lost her vision at the age of 12 during a massive storm. Across her 84-year-long life, she rattled off a series of predictions that went all the way to the year 5079, which was when she believed the world was destined to end.  

What Did Baba Vanga Predict For 2022? 

Baba Vanga had listed six different predictions for the current year, with two of them definitively coming true so far – both having to deal with water-related crises. 

The first is her foretelling of ‘intense bouts of floods’ across Australia and several Asian countries. While deadly monsoon floods in Asia are no big surprise, Australia has, in fact, faced record-breaking floods this year, resulting in several areas such as South East Queensland, Wide Bay-Burnett, and New South Wales getting submerged. Sydney in particular was badly hit – sending thousands of people fleeing as environmental refugees.

The other crisis predicted by Baba Vanga goes on the opposite end of the spectrum, with drought/water shortages predicted in Europe: 


As one of the continent’s hottest years on record, reservoirs and natural water bodies across EU nations have reduced in volume, with alarming heat waves and even forest fires forcing some people out of their homes – compounding an already-existing agricultural crisis as a result of the Ukraine conflict. 


“For parts of agriculture, things are looking bad already. The forests are weakened. A lot would need to happen for it to become a good year,” said Fred Hattermann, a hydrologist at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany, to Politico. 

Italy in particular has been hit devastatingly hard. In the midst of a controversial PM resignation scare, the country has declared a state of emergency across various regions – suffering from failed crops, a 40% hydroelectric power drop, and dangerous long-term consequences for its rivers. 

So, what’s left for Baba Vanga to get right? Even worse news, it seems. 

One of the more interesting predictions connects to a story from 2021, where Nobel peace prize laureate Rae Kwon Chung, who served as the UN’s leading climate adviser, warned the world that global warming would release several dormant viruses from Siberia’s once-permanent layers of frost. 

“[For example, coronavirus] is just one virus. But we could see new viruses which will appear out of the melting ice in Siberia and Canada’s permafrost zones. We don’t know which viruses this melting ice might awaken,” said Chung at a conference in Tomsk, back in October 2021.  

While we’re thankfully yet to see any ancient virus outbreaks, Russian state labs are currently hard at work analysing the remains of animals recovered from rapidly-melting layers of ice, some of them believed to be at least 4,500 years old. 

Baba Vanga also claimed that humanity would need to contend with two invasions during 2022 – one involving a deadly plague of locusts, and the other concerning… alien threats from outer space. 

Apparently the only non-apocalyptic news that the seer had for us was that 2022 will see a sharp uptick in virtual reality usage – which may well be true considering that 2021 recorded a 92% jump in VR headset sales. 

I suppose with reality getting so difficult, there’s some logic at work here. 

(Featured Image Credits: Baba Vanga/NY Post) 

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