People Are Boycotting Cadbury Over New Diwali Ad
‘Boycott Cadbury’ Trends On Twitter As People Call Out Diwali Ad

People are calling out the brand for allegedly mocking PM Modi’s father

In today’s edition of what’s getting people outraged on Twitter, the iconic chocolate brand Cadbury has come under intense criticism over its new advertisement. As per Dr Prachi Sadhvi, Cadbury’s new Diwali ad seems to be making fun of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s father.


Dr Sadhvi expressed concern over the micro-blogging site, saying, “Have you carefully observed Cadbury chocolate’s advertisement on TV channels? The shopless poor lamp seller is Damodar. This is done to show someone with PM Narendra Modi’s father’s name in poor light. Chaiwale ka baap diyewala. Shame on Cadbury Company.”

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The issue appears to have resonated with the internet, with Sadhvi’s tweet going viral prompting the “#BoycottCadbury” hashtag to trend on Twitter. This isn’t the first time the chocolate brand has found itself in hot water in India. Last year, a tweet stating that the company uses Beef-based gelatine in their products, went viral. Later Cadbury clarified that all products manufactured and sold in India are vegetarian.
However, this hasn’t stopped the older tweet from recirculating, further adding fuel to the fire. As of now, the company is yet to make an official statement. But we do believe, the commercial might get pulled in no time.

Meanwhile, the hashtag so far has garnered over 33,000 tweets in a couple of hours, with a wide range of comments. While some comments are calling the trend absurd, with one user commenting, “According to this every in this world named Damodar is Modi Ji’s father.” Others think it’s a well-thought-out observation, saying “This is well observed. @DairyMilkIn we are awaiting a logical explanation.”

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In fact, people have also taken offence over the company using Halal-certified products, sharing a product description from the company’s page. On the other side of the spectrum, some people have also come out in defence of the brand, calling out the absurdity of the trend. One user Tweeted saying, “After #BoycottCadbury @Sadhvi_prachi will Boycott Goan Hindus too who eat Beef, and after that, she will boycott Hindutva too, coz it says that every religion should be respected.”


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