A veritable storm has been set off on desi social media following the outing of an online group allegedly involving teenage boys from Delhi schools talking about rape, sexual objectification and slut-shaming girls. The group, which has now been deactivated, has been the focus of massive criticism and even has cases filed by the Delhi police linked to it.

According to media reports, the cyber-crime division of the police has also written to Facebook, which owns Instagram for details on the group.

The chain of events started off when many social media users posted screenshots of the group which is called “Bois Locker Room”. The screenshots appear to show male students of Class 11 and Class 12 making disparaging comments about schoolgirls and posting photos of the young women on the group along with their private chats.

“The DCW has sent notices to Instagram and Delhi Police. We want these boys to be arrested immediately and the strongest action to be taken against them,” said Delhi Commission for Women Chairperson Swati Maliwal to NDTV.

According to multiple accounts, members of the group even launched a separate account and threatened to leak nudes of the women who reported the group.

This controversy has set off a conversation about the normalisation of rape culture in India and how men as young as 16 years of age think it is okay to pass comments on women’s bodies.

Mirror Now also reported a female version of the insta chat group which made similar comments against men but since, these findings haven’t been corroborated by the media channel, they haven’t been reported about in this article.