Brazil’s Donald Trump, Jair Bolsonaro Wins Presidential Election
Brazil’s Donald Trump, Jair Bolsonaro Wins Presidential Election

The new president is pro-gun, pro-torture, anti-lgbt, and believes in militarization

Jair Bolsonaro, is a 63-year old, far-right, former army captain, with pro-gun, pro-torture and anti-LGBT views and is a strong supporter of dictatorships and militarization.


In a total drama fused election, Bolsonaro won by gaining 55.1% of the votes, while his rival, Fernando Haddad, from the left-wing worker’s party, secured 44.9% votes. After losing, Haddad said that he would work to “defend the freedoms of these 45 million” people who voted for him. 


In September, Jair suffered a near-fatal stabbing at a campaign rally, which clearly didn’t deter his agenda. He had some strong words for the people of Brazil, during a video broadcast from his home in Rio de Janeiro. 


“We are going to change the destiny of Brazil,” he said. 


“We could no longer be flirting with socialism, communism, populism and extremism on the left,” he added.


Bolsonaro also mentioned, that the US President, Donald Trump – whom he has expressed admiration for – called to wish him good luck after his victory.




His controversial remarks on topics like abortions, homosexuality, race and migration has earned him the name, “Trump of the Tropics”. He’s also been vocal about the Brazil’s previous brutal military regime the country faced, and has spoken in favor of it. 



His comfortable win, clearly indicates that a lot of people want him in power, but the rest of the voters, consider him to be a threat to democracy. He has a history of making vulgar statements and disparaging remarks against women, minorities and people belonging to the LGBT community.  In a video, that is being surfaced almost all around the world, Jair is heard saying to a reporter, “I would not rape you because you’re not worth it”.


He wants to increase gun ownership and has pledged to give police “carte blanche” to kill. He plans to crack down on Brazil’s violent crime epidemic, which resulted in more than 64,000 deaths last year.


This win has truly marked a radical political shift for South America’s biggest economy.




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