All charged up
All charged up

300 bhp on a motorcycle? The Kawasaki Ninja H2R says ‘Why the hell not?’

There was a time when 100 bhp on anything on two wheels was considered too much, but those grandaddy days are well and truly behind us – behold the insane Kawasaki Ninja H2R, the undoubted star of the recent INTERMOT show in Germany.


The basic details are thus: a supercharged (yes, supercharged) 1-litre engine making the abovementioned 300 bhp, a reported top speed of over 337 kph, lots of carbon fibre, a green trellis frame and enough visual badassery to make Mad Max look like a boy scout. Are you not sold already?

Reportedly, there will be two versions made available – one for the racetrack and another for street-legal use. The street bike will probably make 200 bhp, which is still enough to lose your license before you can say ‘Good day, officer, how can I help you today?’ It will also have a few minor design differences – like space for a rear numberplate.

Feast your power-crazed eyes on these videos, why don’t you?

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