Chinese Students Now Have To Send Nudes To Attain Loans From Money Lenders

“Naked Loan Services” are being offered by illicit money lending companies who take nudes as collateral

The Chinese have always stunned us with their new age innovations and technological advancements, and they have manage to surprise us once again, but for the wrong reason. 


According to a report by VICE, there has been a spike in the trend of “naked loan services” that are provided by non-licensed startups to helpless students. They demand their clients to send them naked selfies as a form of collateral and if the loans aren’t paid on time, the lenders threaten to leak the pictures. Reportedly, many lenders charge an unusually high interest, pushing their clients deeper in debt and forcing them to send more naked pictures. 


According to China Youth Daily, a total of 10 GB of nudes from 161 young women were leaked online by e-lenders in 2016. Most of the victims were aged between 19 and 23. A number of girls were also reportedly given the option to do sex work in order to pay off their loan.



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