Doctor Makes World's First Genetically Modified Babies That Can't Get AIDS
Doctor Makes World’s First Genetically Modified Babies That Can’t Get AIDS

This could be considered as one of the biggest biological breakthroughs of all time

2018 has seen a lot of great inventions and milestones, but this recent one made by a Chinese doctor is a historic scientific breakthrough that doesn’t happen all the time.


A Chinese scientist is claiming to have successfully altered the DNA of twin girls in such a way that they can never get AIDS, reported IndiaTimes. In a recently posted YouTube video, the doctor himself explains the methods he used and the family he was helping. To make this possible, the doctor used CRISPR gene-editing technique, a controversial gene editing technique, to alter only the DNA that allows HIV to be contracted in humans.

In CRISPR, external protein along with some instructions is injected in the DNA, that will permanently prevent the twin girls — Lulu and Nana — from ever getting infected by HIV virus and contracting AIDS disease. A form of “cellular surgery” was performed on the two fertilized embryos.

The twins were successfully born earlier in the month, are in good health according to the doctor and are currently at home with their parents in China.

In a report by Associated Press, the doctor fertilized the embryos for seven other couples through IVF treatments, and only one of those seven pregnancies has reportedly been successful.

In the YouTube video, He spoke on how he believes that gene surgery shouldn’t be misused for creating “designer babies” and that it should only be used for “healing”.

The doctor also explained how the father of the twins has HIV and through the gene surgery he performed on the twins, they will never contract HIV. 

“We heal a whole family. As a father of two girls, I can’t think of a gift more beautiful and wholesome for society, than giving another couple to start a loving family,” said the doctor.

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