As of today, Droupadi Murmu will be India’s first Tribal or Indigenous president and the second woman in the country’s history to hold office, as the 15th President of India.

Over 4,500 lawmakers from both the national and state parliaments voted in the presidential election, wherein Murmu’s primary rival was ex-Minister of Finance, Yashwant Sinha. While Murmu campaigned with the backing of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), as Sinha was backed by the United Opposition (UO). The latter congratulated the former with an open letter this morning: 

Murmu belongs to the Santhal tribe of Odisha which is spread over several states in eastern India. She had worked as a teacher before entering the political arena, and has been a legislator twice, on a BJP ticket, in 2000 and 2009. Much of Murmu’s recent political success has been attached to her governorship of the state of Jharkhand, where she served a six-year tenure. 

Locals from her hometown of Rairangpur gathered to celebrate Murmu’s win: 

In 2015, Murmu was appointed as the first female governor of the eastern state of Jharkhand and held the position until July 2021. Some see Murmu’s presidential election as a triumph of tribal political aspirations and a breakthrough moment for the community, which has long been neglected and exploited under several governments. 

Current president Ram Nath Kovind’s term will end on the 25th of July, which is when Murmu will eventually take office. 

(Featured Image Credits: ANI)