In his career, Elon Musk has built the habit of saying some very controversial statements. Sometimes, bordering on insulting and some just being straight up weird. This time, the world’s second-richest man decided to take a dig at rocket scientists.

To put it simply, Musk wants to discredit the term ‘Rocket scientist.’ In a series of two tweets posted on his Twitter, Musk went onto take a jab at members of the scientific community, when he implied that engineers are the ones solely responsible for human spaceflight.

His tweet read, “Science is discovering the essential truths about what exists in the Universe, engineering is about creating things that never existed.” He also added a link to a Wikipedia definition of ‘Engineer.’


He went onto add that what people call science is technically, pure engineering, and that means there are no rocket scientists in the world, only rocket engineers.  “Much of what people think of an science is actually engineering, eg no such thing as a “rocket scientist”, only rocket engineers. Latter is who put humans on the moon,” wrote Musk.


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Of course, the tweet don’t go down well with people who actually call themselves scientists for a living, and they soon expressed themselves on Twitter. Scroll through some below:


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