Elon Musk has found himself in the news again. However, this time around, it’s not because of something he’s done. The US-based billionaire offered $5,000 to a 19-year-old to take down his Twitter account. 

The reason for this? Jack Sweeney’s @ElonJet account tracks the movement of Musk’s private jet around the world, thus revealing the jet’s whereabouts. It is Sweeney’s one of 15 flight-tracking accounts, which sends out a tweet every time a chosen plane departs or lands. 

So far, besides Musk, there’s a dedicated account for Kylie Jenner, Tom Cruise, Oprah Winfrey Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. However, the @ElonJet account is the most popular of the lot with 83,000 followers. 

It appears that this invasion of privacy has scared Elon, as he dropped into Sweeney’s DMs saying, “I don’t love the idea of being shot by a nutcase.”

The billionaire then asked Sweeney how much he makes off his Twitter accounts, to which the 19-year-old replied with “no more than $20 a month.” This is what prompted Musk to offer $5,000 to delete the account and help in keeping “crazy people” away from his location. 

However, Sweeney tried his luck and requested Musk to add another 0 to the amount saying, “Any chance to up that to $50k? It would be a great support in college and would possibly allow me to get a car maybe even a Model 3.” Musk is yet to respond to this.