If you’re a hotshot lawyer itching to work under the world’s wealthiest man, he has put out a requirement that you just might be able to fulfill:

The unconventional (and perhaps desperate) job listing went up amid allegations of Musk sexually harassing a SpaceX flight attendance and paying her $250,000 for her silence, right before reports Tesla vehicles spontaneously bursting into flames surfaced. Elon Musk has vehemently contested the harassment claims, going on to explain that he was looking for ‘streetfighters’ — lawyers willing to get on the offensive and secure legal victories for Tesla.

While Twitter’s new adoptive daddy seems to have been confident about this posting, several replies to these posts — which number in the hundreds of thousands— decided to take the listing as unseriously as possible.

Here’s one three-pointer as requested by Elon Musk, from an Arizona law graduate (and beer enthusiast):

Others pointed out Elon’s hypocrisy, especially considering the nature of litigation work and his free speech claims stating that the CEO may be in for a rude awakening sometime soon:

Finally, a contingent of users also brought up Elon’s shady recent history with sexual harassment claims, along with the safety hazards in modern Tesla vehicles:

In short, Musk got a whole lot more than he bargained for and we feel quite sorry for Tesla’s admin team too, since justice@tesla.com must be overflowing with content that no hiring team really wants to see.

Many fans, customers, and shareholders seem to be worrying about Elon’s gameplan — Tesla’s shares, in fact, tanked a solid 10 percent last Friday, following the recent misconduct allegations.

(Featured Image Credits: AP, @Mjarchie1/Twitter)