Elon Musk Tweets About Losing 20 Pounds After Being Mocked For His Shirtless Photos
The Internet Essentially Bullied Elon Musk Into Losing 9kg 

According to Musk, periodic fasting works well!

In yet another instance of “billionaires are just like us,” the world’s richest man, Elon Musk, was recently bullied into losing nearly 20 pounds (9kg) by the internet! The Tesla CEO was referring to shirtless pictures of him which surfaced online after he was spotted on board a yacht in Mykonos, Greece.  


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On Sunday, the 50-year-old billionaire took to Twitter to announce that he is now “over 20 lbs down from my (unhealthy) peak weight,” further adding that “fasting periodically” has played a huge role in losing the weight.   


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Musk also went on to mention the app he used which helped him through the journey, saying “The Zero fasting app is quite good.” It now remains to be seen if the billionaire will promise to buy the app and back out at the last second.   


What’s more surprising though is despite his wealth, Musk seems to be not reliant on a personal trainer or even a gym. When one follower asked if he works out, the billionaire replied saying that he only “lifts a little.”  

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The SpaceX founder’s tweets come right after a four-day energy conference in Norway, where he urged people to “make more babies” and that “birth rate is one of my favourite things to be concerned about.” He added: “They say civilization might die with a bang or with a whimper, but if we don’t have enough kids, then we will die with a whimper in adult diapers. And that will be depressing.”


Musk seems to be following up on his own advice, with the billionaire fathering six children through different marriages and relationships in his life. Coming back to the topic though, here’s how the Musk stans reacted to his weight transformation journey.  

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