Embracing Hate
Embracing Hate

Adidas celebrates football with its latest campaign #therewillbehaters

A video featuring the very best of football by Adidas, the world’s No.1 football brand celebrating the game went live on January 19th. The video is in wake of its latest campaign #therewillbehaters shows what it takes to become the great bender of the ball.


The video speaks of all the hatred that football stars such as Real Madrid Striker – Karim Benzema, Midfielder – James Rodrigues, Winger –Gareth Bale and FC Barcelona’s Striker – Luis Suarez have to face in spite of being few of the vest on field. The campaign celebrates the passion these sportsmen share and how all the hatred is mostly because everybody want to be in their (shiny) shoes. Loved by the fans and hated by their opponents for their mastery of the game, they take being hated as the ultimate compliment.

Each of these four players represent a different side of what it takes to be the best. While Gareth Bale is the epitome of hard work working on his physique and endurance since moving to the club, James is the ‘Golden Boy’ for who 2014 has been the year of his dreams coming true. Benzema lives the high life on the field and off it and brings this energy to the game, while Suarez’s intensity and love for the ball drives him to be one of the most feared strikers in the world.

This hate is central to the campaign since great players such as Benzema, Rodriquez, Bale and Suarez embrace the hatred on the field (from fans and opponents alike) and use it to their advantage. This campaign is a tribute to the passion that drives players and fans alike.
Video has been released to coincide with the launch of adidas’ new footwear range, The Haters. Four boots representing a side of the four players that make this campaign come alive – adizero f50, Predator Instinct, Nitrocharge and 11Pro. Each of these boots sit at the cutting edge of technology, ensuring you will deliver a “haters” performance when you step out onto the field.

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