According to reports, new skin tone variations are coming to the world of Emoji.

The Unicode Consortium has announced that its upcoming update, Emoji 13.1 will see over  over 200 new skin tone combinations to two-person Emoji groupings depicting couples. The new emojis will be available in 2021.

Right now, multi-person Emoji are only available in yellow. In 2021, the users will be able to choose from varieties that can be used to represent interracial relationships or pairs of people with varying skintones. Seven emoji are going to added as well, such as Face in Clouds, Face Exhaling, Face with Spiral Eyes, Heart on Fire and Mending Heart. Android and iOS users are also getting an Emoji that represents a woman with a beard and a non-gender specific person with a beard.


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💫 217 new emojis have been approved for release in 2021. These include a face in clouds, heart on fire and mending heart

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