Even if you have been living in the remotest area of India, you probably have heard about Republic TV‘s editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami’s arrest by the Maharashtra police. It’s probably because that’s all that Republic TV has been airing for two days now and because of the astounding power of WhatsApp to forward videos, memes, and fake news to the farthest corners of India.

But what was the reason behind Arnab Goswami being arrested? Architect Anvay Naik had allegedly died by suicide in 2018 and had named Goswami and two others in his suicide note.

“I don’t know why no action was taken in the case since 2018. I lost my husband and my mother-in-law. My husband had written names of three people in the suicide note. If he had got the money (allegedly owed to him), he and his mother would have been alive today. He was trapped in a vicious circle and his rightful dues were not paid to him,” stated Naik’s widow, Akshata Naik, according to TOI. The newspaper also states that Naik allegedly strangled his mother before killing himself.

Over ten years on Times Now, Goswami presided over nightly debates that were shouting matches, on which he egged on, berated, and placated his panelists every night. Whether you like him or not, he changed the face of Indian news television forever, from a genteel BBC-like avatar to the confrontational, argumentative, and assaultive version it is now.

During his current reign at Republic TV, he’s become even louder and there are even more panelists. Not a favourite among Indian journalists, when Arnab Goswami was arrested, many pointed out innumerable instances where scribes have faced far worse. Take Gauri Lankesh, for example. The BJP has come out in strong support of Goswami with Smriti Irani and Amit Shah tweeting about the freedom of the press.

In his suicide note, Naik had stated that he was not paid dues which amounted to Rs 5.40 crores by Goswami and two others.