The most prestigious title in the cycling world went to Geraint Thomas in Paris on the 29th of July. While this was a huge victory for Britain and the 32-year-old, there was another news tied to the Tour de France that dominated the airwaves.

A day before the men rode their cycles, a group of 13 women completed their own Tour de France to raise an important issue. “We want a women’s stage race with the same media coverage and the same attention as men have,” Tetiana Kalachova told The Associated Press. “Not necessarily the same roads and not necessarily the same quantity of dates, but with the same appreciation.”


The woman cyclists were advocating for the restatement of the Tour de France Feminin, reports ten daily. The female Tour de France ran between the years 1984 and 1989 but was then discontinued.

“We respect the traffic signs. We stop at red lights. We respect the rules. We are trying to prove that women, even amateurs, totally clean –no doping, no special assistance — are able for this kind of effort,” Kalachova added.

Watch the entire video below:


(Header credits: @readcalamaro on Twitter)