#FollowMeTo: Viral Photo Raises Concerns About Plastic Consumption
#FollowMeTo: Viral Photo Raises Concerns About Plastic Consumption

The picture is nothing short of shocking and raises serious questions about plastic consumption and its effect on our planet

Remember the viral #FollowMeTo series on Instagram? Murad and Nataly Osmann, the genius minds behind @followmeto, travel the world and take beautiful pictures, giving us a glimpse into their love story.


Photographer Ganesh Venare and Aishwarya Sharma recreated the now-famous pose, but on a Mumbai beach which was filled with plastic and other trash. The Versova Beach cleanup project, started by Afroz Shah, has done wonders for one of the dirtiest beaches on the planet, but unfortunately, there’s only so much one can do in a world where people don’t have basic civic sense.

Check out the shocking pictures below:

View post on Instagram
View post on Instagram

 “It was a horrifying picture to one and all. Living in plush apartments, we never realise that we are facing an adversity, very near to us. It was just to show people that our city is sick and needs help,” Aishwarya Sharma told BuzzFeed.


(Header credits: @haram_khor_ and @aishwaryasharmaa_ on Instagram)

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