FOMO Is So 2017 - We're All About JOMO Now
FOMO Is So 2017 – We’re All About JOMO Now

JOMO is all about embracing your solitude and being okay with chilling by yourself

We’ve all heard of FOMO (fear of missing out) and have experienced it at some point in our lives. While it makes for a cute Instagram caption/hashtag/comment, FOMO is actually quite detrimental to our mental health. It’s exhausting to have to keep up with everyone we follow on social media – it is literally impossible to be at every party, baby shower, wedding or get-together.


Hence, in response to this, the internet has given us JOMO – the joy of missing out. Because let’s be honest – we’d all rather get under the covers, grab some pizza and binge-watch OITNB anyway. While FOMO makes you believe that you should have put on those hot (but uncomfortable) shoes and gone dancing, JOMO encourages you to accept the fact that you’re actually quite okay with being alone.


Embracing your solitude is not uncool – it forms the basis of almost every new-age philosophy. Like most things in this millennium, FOMO is driven by social media. We are always curating every aspect of our lives. With the media promoting the notion that partying and getting ‘rekt’ is ‘the best thing evah’, most people feel the need to do things they’d rather not be doing.


These social media posts also pressurise us to compete in this game of ‘whose life is the best’. Franklyit’sts ridiculous – everybody’s life takes a different course. FOMO adds to the belief that spontaneity is the way to go when really, a lot of us thrive on stillness.


So the next time you miss that ‘bomb af’ party, ask yourself if you really give a damn. All hail #JOMO.

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