Gillette's Newest Advertisement Has Hit A Nerve
Gillette’s Newest Advertisement Has Hit A Nerve

Gillette’s newest advertisement is under fire for ’emasculating men’

The newest advertisement for Gillette has created quite an uproar among the masses. It discusses the #MeToo movement and toxic masculinity while asking the question “Is this the best a man can get?”


The ad highlights the violence, sexual harassment and bullying occurring in the current political scenario. 

And, men’s rights activists and conservatives had a lot of feelings, mostly negative. If the YouTube like-dislike button is any indication, it has not been well-received. They feel that the advertisement negatively targets men and portrays them as thugs and predators. 

Piers Morgan was among the first to voice his outrage. And, if you know Morgan, then, you know he can’t help himself:

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But, things were not looking good for the brand. People on Twitter actively discussed to refrain from using their products in the future as well as throwing away the ones they already own.


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Although few and far between, there were some that applauded this campaign:


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Take a look for yourself:


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