For getting a firearms license in Punjab, you need to plant 10 saplings as a part of their procedure. As you sow, so shall you reap is the perfect description of what Punjab is doing right now in their state. 

According to BBC News, the applicants in Ferozepur district had to plant at least 10 saplings before applying for a gun license. They have to submit their photos and selfies of planting the saplings along with the other documents while filing for the license. 

As reported by New Indian Express, Ferozepur District Commissioner, Chander Gaind issued an order that “anyone seeking a new arms licence will have to plant 10 saplings, get selfies clicked and submit with a file. Fresh selfies after a month will also have to be submitted. This is our little effort to increase green cover in the area as people in Punjab are crazy about seeking arms license, so let them go crazy for plantation as well.”

With a drastic change in climate, this is an innovative step that the state of Punjab has taken to help save what is left of the environment.

Also, only planting these saplings won’t guarantee the license. According to Indian Express, the district received around 23 applications under the new scheme of which three have been cleared and ten are under process. Remaining 13 have been sent for police verification.