TikTok is officially dead.

The Chinese app was taken down today from Google’s play store and Apple’s app store in India, following directions of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to do so, after an order by the Madras High Court on April 3 to prohibit its downloads, Economic Times reported. 

TikTok was one of the most successful apps in India and had a huge following in the country. The app allowed users to create and edit videos using special effects, but the policy makers of India found it inappropriate. 

Even though the app isn’t available for download anymore, it will still be working on the phone’s of people who have already downloaded it, a report by ET MeitY said. 

On Tuesday, the Madras High Court refused to stay the ban on the app and appointed an independent counsel to the case. The Court had asked the Centre to ban the app after hearing a petition by senior advocate S Muthukumar which said that children using the app were vulnerably exposed to a slew of possible sexual predators hiding within the app.