In today’s news of all things bizarre and fun, two friends Jehv Maravilla and Christian Toledo pulled off a prank that sprung from their interest to fill up a blank wall at a McDonald’s outlet in Houston, Texas.  Filipino-Americans Pals turned poster boys hung a fake promotional poster of themselves and later took to Twitter to share it with the world. 

Boredom is not the reason that led them to pull off a prank of this nature. The guys clearly felt the lack of Asian representation in the company’s advertising and decided to fill that gap by sneaking in and hanging the poster. The image of the two friends sitting in front of the poster at the McDonald’s outlet has blown up on Twitter (like all viral things do) with the hashtag #Keeptheposterup. 

Twitter was quick to give their consent 


There were few who joined the crew claiming to have done something similar 

Maravilla has now made a Youtube video giving a detailed account of how it all went down. Let’s just hope that the case of casual pranking makes the company realize the bigger issue that surrounds it all. 


Image Credits: (@jevholution on Instagram)