Harvey Weinstein In Pain From Dental Emergency — ‘Serves Him Right’ Says The Internet
Harvey Weinstein In Pain From Dental Emergency In Jail — ‘Serves Him Right’ Says The Internet

“I have cavities and I can’t eat because I’m missing teeth”

Over two years after his historic sentencing as a result of various sex crimes, Harvey Weinstein has made news for pleas made at a Los Angeles courtroom this Wednesday, regarding what he deems a dental ‘emergency’.


The 70-year-old — already serving 23 years after being convicted of sex charges in New York — argued he should be allowed a bridge or fake teeth to look “presentable” at trial. “I’m in pain every day. I have cavities and I can’t eat because I’m missing teeth,” the former movie producer said.

Two Choices In Prison

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According to Weinstein’s lawyer Mark Werksman, the jail dentists offered him two choices; to pull the teeth without replacement, or to let them continue rotting away. The lawyer then went on to explain how preventing Weinstein from accessing dental care would be a ‘violation of his constitutional rights’, and that a ‘gaping hole’ in front of his teeth would make him look like a ridiculous caricature.

“This situation is an emergency. I will pay for the dentist. It will be one trip and one trip only,” pleaded Weinstein to LA Superior Court Judge Lisa Lench.

The original purpose of the hearing was for prosecutors to ask for two witnesses who live in Italy to testify by video rather than in-person during the trial. The judge ordered one of the witnesses – Lubov Smirnova, who worked for one of Weinstein’s accusers and her family – to appear in person. The second witness – Pascal Vicedomini – will be permitted to appear by video for medical reasons. 

Both witnesses are tied to the 2020 verdict in which Weinstein was found guilty of raping Project Runway production assistant Miriam ‘Mimi’ Haleyi in 2006. The charges dug up several accusations against the ex-producer, who was accused of assault and rape against Jessica Mann in 2013 and Annabella Sciorra in the mid-1990s, respectively.

Following his crimes, the Internet naturally had no sympathy for the man, who was picked apart in a series of tweets:

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A few, however, seemed sympathetic towards the convict:

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The dental issues follow a long pattern of ill health for Weinstein, whose medical issues were brought up during his incarceration over the last two years. Apart from dental issues and a Covid-19 case, he has also been described by his legal team as ‘legally blind’, and requiring eye surgery.


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